I recommend Divine Metamagic to be anywhere from 15-20 point cost, when you get to it. It is THAT good. :P

Anyway, improved feint seems to be a bit high, especially since it requires a prerequisite of combat expertise. And given how feinting is almost considered to be worthless by everyone, probably too much for the 8 price tag I saw it with. In fact, the only build I know of that uses Improved Feinting for any real effect is an Invisible Blade build, and only so they can qualify for surprising riposte if the DM won't rule that having a class feature that not only is equal to it, but surpasses it eventually, qualifies you as having it.

I recommend giving it a cost of six, since it's a 'decent' feat, but not something someone would take with limited choices because it is so rare and with better options. Surprising Riposte, however, should likely be given an 8, since it not only makes it deadly on Invisible Blade builds (especially with Hit and Run Fighter), but it means someone else can use it on the BBEG and make him flat footed for everyone ELSE until his turn comes up.