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Thread: Fixing SKR's Feat Point System

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernir View Post
    If feats are being assigned a value, I'd like to see the lower end of the scale used more. There are some hilariously terrible feats out there.
    Like the +2/+2 skill feats. I can't imagine the situation where I'd like to risk delaying my Mounted Combat line in favor of one.

    I'd be pricing them at something like 2...
    Yeah, I don't know that I've ever taken one of them. They're pretty terrible.

    Now, here's the big problem with the whole ball of's subjective as hell, and feats vary depending on combos. Iron Will is better if it's an entry requirement for that sweet PrC you want. What combos are available will vary depending on allowed sources.

    So, long story short, feats don't have static values, which kind of undercuts the whole thing.

    Edit: The original list really is quite hilarious. I admit I'd enjoy playing with it quite a bit, and gleefully taking "worthless" feats like Improved Init.
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