"Oh. Well, you should have said so in the first place, of course I'll come with you. I had no idea I had interfered with any investigation, although I do know that you have to warn someone about that before you can arrest them for it. As I was not informed of my actions having any impact I am legally an innocent civilian. Though I may be able to assist in correcting whatever I may have done to cause this issue." Miradal begin heading outside. "You do of course realize that if I wanted to resist... I would, and there isn't much you could do about it, next week I was going to go kill the thing living in the pit over in the slums for a bit of fun. Build some houses, an artificial cave for a lair... I'm going to need to speak with my childe before we go though, the little guy will probably not survival long without his mommy, so I'll need to set him up with some friends of mine. Considering you immediately decided use of lethal force is valid, I will assume you to be evil." Miradal suddenly turns around. (Urgent summons to Allie) Miradal resumes walking towards the exit. "However, since you haven't shot yet, I'll just assume you to be unreasoning cowards instead of some evil little morsels. Tasty, tasty, evil little morsels. Mmmm, I wonder if anything evil will be in the jail with me... Food."