At the Dragon's Lair:
As you approach the bar, the music goes suddenly quieter. Looking back, you can see the dancers are still going on stage and the drums are still pounding, but regardless, the music is muted to a dull thrum, and the barking voices of patrons can be clearly heard. The male bartender looks up from his frantic work and nods at Gwen as she approaches. The half-elf glances over to Felix and Fimble and chirps with a smile, "Welcome to the Dragon's Lair! What'll it be?"

A sign above the bar reads:
Drink Menu
Shot: 2 cp
Mug or Glass: 4 cp
Pitcher: 2 sp
Bottle: 4 to 12 gp

Specialty Drinks: 5 cp
Today's Special: Zombie

Food Menu
Bread & Cheese: 1 sp
Fruit Bowl: 3 sp
Meat & Cheese: 5 sp
Hero's Feast (serves four): 2 gp

In Oscar's Room:
Grim stands reflexively as the door knocks. Then smiles and bows as Fanter walks in. Giselda follows in suit, with a broad smile on her face.

"It smells delicious," Grim blurts after Fanter opens the covered tray revealing the steaming duck. "Your timing is perfect, actually," says Giselda, "We were just getting to know Master Arceneau here. I've only just gotten my tea."

Grim and Giselda ease back into their seats again as the meal is being prepared. "Anyway, about your inquiry. It's not so amazing, really. In my youth, I served as a knight of Luskan, in what many refer to as the Savage Frontier. We were few in those days, and defenses were always being tested by barbarian and orc raids. Besides, knights are servants of the kingdom... not errand boys and treasure hunters for bored aristocrats who call in favors from the local mayor. Stretched so thin, we had no choice but to outsource much of our responsibilities to adventurers and the Elear paladins. Those were the dark times. Lawlessness and chaos was an infection on the city of Luskan, and the wizards who ruled there in their tower didn't seem overly concerned with our plight. So, we decided it was time to make a change. Several of the knights, myself included, decided to purchase an old storehouse by the docks and turn it into a meeting hall. There, investors could post signs describing the quest, and interested adventurers could accept them. To cover the costs of the storehouse, we kept a small portion of the pay as a sort of finder's fee. It worked out better than we could've imagined. The knights not only covered their expenses but made enough of a profit from their efforts to move the whole operation to the guild hall in Neverwinter, where it is now being run by proper businessmen. Of course, the knights there still receive a small portion of the profits which goes into a fund that helps them purchase supplies and new equipment." Grim smiles broadly as the plate is set before him and takes a deep breath. "Ahh..." he sighs as he stares at the food hungrily.