In Terlew's Room
Terlew stirs. A cool evening breeze tingles her nose, and she sneezes, bringing her wide awake, groggily rubbing at her eyes and looking around. Where am I? Oh right, at the inn... Weren't we going to the Dragon's Den this evening? Why was I asleep? She looks outside, and it's quite dark by now. Slowly a memory returns to her, of a knock at the door and her mumbling half-asleep to "Go away... sleeping. Can't disturb my beauty sleep..."

She sits there a moment, before shrieking "Oh, for Cloakshadow's hairy moustache!" She looks down; her nice robe is rumpled and so she curses once again.

A minute later she is out of her room and scrambling two at a time down the stairs, and pushes her way through the taller folk in the common room with barely a muttered apology as she steps on feet, and knocks people, spilling not a few drinks in her haste. Once out on the street, she runs, turns a few corners and then finally realises that she's left without knowing how to get to the Dragon's Den, or whether her friends are even there.