There's a storm brewin' in the skies over New Orleans. Lightning flickers and flashes across the night sky, and thunder echoes through the rain-soaked streets of the Big Easy.

But in Cid's, nobody really notices. The patrons of the restaurant are happy to be out of the rain and have a nice meal.

The patrons of the speakeasy downstairs are even happier. Not only are they further away from the rain, but they've also got booze to go with their meals.

Dimly lit with electric lights, the secret saloon doesn't have as many customers tonight as they normally do, thanks to the storm. About a dozen patrons are milling about, some at the bar, others at tables. Clayton and Velma, the undead proprietors, don't really have much work to worry themselves with right now, so Clayton busies himself with keeping the counter-top of the bar clean, while Velma circles around to check on the various customers.

A new customer soon arrives. A woman by the name of Georgia, though her identity is unknown to Clayton and Velma, enters the speakeasy to sate her curiosity, and probably her thirst. Getting past the man at the door was easy. Who needs a password when you have a pretty face and vampiric charisma?

Unbeknownst to everyone in the room, another customer also enters, slinking in through the door directly behind Georgia. "Howard" had seen Miss Georgia walking down the street, and had recognized her vampiric nature. He had decided that following her would undoubtedly lead him to other Kindred, so he had deigned to give pursuit. He manages to do this completely unseen and unheard, his existence cloaked by his own vampiric abilities. In the time it took the guard to shut the door, he'd already squeezed through, and was now taking in the curious sights and culture-shock around him.

Naturally, while Howard escape's detection, Georgia's entrance does not go unnoticed. Clayton and Velma both instantly recognize the newly arrived woman as a Kindred, as the Beasts within them begin to stir at the sight of her. Likewise, Georgia feels her own Beast growing restless, and she realizes that the man working the counter and the waitress are both vampires.

Howard also recognizes Clayton and Velma's undead nature, but his own Beast is much more subdued in its rousing, as he's safe and sound in the comfort of his Obfuscation.


I'm not going to force anyone to check for Predator's Taint, unless anybody takes a hostile action right off the bat. For now, you all just feel a tension in the air as you try to gauge each others' intentions.