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    Default Re: Light, Shadow, and Legend: A Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke

    In a bit of a rush, so sorry, none of the frills this time.

    Chapter 10: Seadeep Fighter: Brawly

    Alright, this is the place. Petey, William, youíre with me.

    Lehtís go, chief!

    Man, do I hafta?

    Wow, itís dark in here.

    How did you know my name?

    I know, thatís why Iím not.

    I said I know.

    I noticed that as well!

    Finally, something I donít know!

    I walked off in a huff. Seriously, people can just be idiots sometimes.

    And according to the contrived rules of irony that seem to dictate my battles, you are going to cry when I win.


    I knew it, I knew it!

    Because it breaks so easy?

    Iím going to ignore the subtext there.

    At least itís getting brighter. I can finally see my hands now.

    You should join Team Magma.

    Next challenger!

    What are you talking about? I beat your Pokemon into the dirt.




    Next victim.

    Are we done now?

    Letís see, level advantage, type advantage, uh, yeah.

    Good for you.

    Now youíre getting into my turf, though.

    Alright, we ready for this?

    Lehtís get Ďihm, Chief!

    Aw címon, man, canít we smoke some shrooms first?

    I rolled my neck again, getting a single pop this time.

    Iím Michael, Champion-to-be.

    Iíve traveled the west coast of the region, trashing everyone that challenges me. Now itís your turn.

    I put a headphone in my left ear and pressed a button on my Pokenav. Seeing as it came with an MP3 player, I had taken the liberty of downloading a few songs for it.

    ~Risin' up, back on the street

    Alright, guys, letís do this!

    ~Did my time, took my chances

    Take Ďem out, Petey!

    ~Went the distance now Iím back on my feet

    Petey, Wing Attack!

    ~Just a man and his will to survive

    You can take that, Bulk Up!

    ~Itís the Eye of the Tiger

    Like thatís gonna do you a lot of good. Wing Attack again!

    ~Itís the thrill of the fight

    ~Rising up to the challenge of our rival

    ~As the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night

    Alright, Petey!

    ~And heís watching us all with the eye

    ~Of the Tiger

    ~So many times, it happens too fast

    Nice work, Petey, take a breather.

    ~You trade your passion for glory

    Your turn, William!


    ~Donít loose your grip on the dreams of the past

    Iím not down yet!

    William, Gust!

    ~You must fight just to keep them alive

    ~Itís the Eye of the Tiger

    Bulk Up!

    ~Itís the thrill of the fight

    Finish it, Gust!

    ~Rising up to the challenge of our rival

    Not so fast!

    ~As the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night

    One more!

    ~And heís watching us all with the Eeeeeeeeyyyyyyeeeee


    ~Of the Tiger

    That would be a great pun if I had a different Pokemon.

    Donít mind if I do.

    Alright! Nice work, guys!

    Mah pleazher, Chief!

    Ow, my wingsÖ

    Wait, I didnít have to listen to him? Aw, crap.

    However that works.

    Itís like a permit. You have to be able to prove yourself responsible enough to use moves outside of battle situations.

    Then why did I need to beat Roxanne, the easiest of you, to get Cut, and I only get Flash from you?

    Bureaucrats. Anyway,

    The useless move you insisted on using?

    One more thing.


    Roxanne said something about Auras or something. Some sort of ability to see into someoneís life and fate.

    Yes, itís true. You know what I see?

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