While Clayton and Velma go back to business, Evelyn and Georgia converse, and Howard reads an invisible newspaper, three new patrons enter the bar.

The man in the center is a sharply dressed African American. Bald and clean shaven, he is wearing a black suit, white undershirt, and red tie. Both men behind him are wearing white long-sleeve button-up shirts and khaki slacks, though the man on the left has suspenders on. The man on the left has long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, a sharp chin and angular facial structure, and a black eyepatch over his right eye. The man on the right is bald with a shaggy red beard, weathered features, and a distant, vacant stare.

The black-clad man has a rather stern and serious expression, while the blonde man looks disgruntled, as if he would rather be somewhere else. The bearded man's expression is blank - he looks like he's in another world. As they step into the speakeasy, they stop in the middle of the establishment and begin to look around. The bearded man hoarsely mutters something to the other two men.

Because of their heightened senses, the three Kindred bar owners and the two newly arrived vampires are able to overhear what the man says, though any mortals nearby wouldn't catch it. "There's a newspaper floating near the bar. Looks like we've got a five..."

The black man nods solemnly, and he begins to stride towards Clayton. His posture is authoritative, but not threatening. Yet.