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    Rosapia bows deeply to the raven. "I hear and obey, lords," she whispers in Draconic, glancing furtively about her to make sure she is alone. Arcadia, larger than a town but small for a city, looms all around her. "I will seek it in the city and its surroundings." It doesn't seem that anyone is watching, and a gnome speaking to animals could hardly be taken as unusual in most areas, but discretion has been drilled into her. She winces, involuntarily recalling her training. Mistakes had been painful, and even though she feels no pain now, at times it seems her body still remembers.

    Reading the letter deeply, she commits its contents and precise wording to memory, then tears it up into small strips. Later she will find an unobtrusive place to burn it and scatter the ashes. Powerful magic might reconstitute it still, but that same training reminds her to never be lax in this regard. Even her response to the raven might not be strictly necessary - they could be watching, or not - but there are no risks there worth taking, no knowledge to be gained from defiance.

    Effects on Rosa:
    Command Undead - cast on herself. 6 days remaining.
    Disguised as her living self - from disguise kit, with Wieldskill, check made at +16 (+10 competence +6 skill +2 circumstance -2 'different race')

    Spells and 1 disguise kit use will be marked off.
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    But we even have real world examples of cold cooking, so is it so unreasonable to say that in a fantasy world that could be the norm and that cold COULD be better than heat for cooking?

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