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    The raven nods on agreement and expands his wings before he takes fly. It doesn't take long till he disappears in the shadows of the streets it almost seems that he merged with the darkness and just stopped existing.

    Not much after the Raven left you see a young man dressed in shiny and colorful clothes passing by. He is not too tall for a human nor well built, but he moves with some grace, like a professional trouper. He probably was quite close to you and the raven while you conversed. He might have heard something or he might not, either way he is moving away.

    The elf gasps for a second, trying to not look as astonished as she clearly is. Maybe she was not really used to see Goliath around nor anyone react in that manner to her. For a moment she cowers hiding her face with her hands and taking a step back. Then she looks at the barbarian in the eye and smiles slightly.

    -You can be scary. But trusting corpses is no good. Corpses can come back, and they don't get scared easily.

    She searches in her pouch and takes a small ceramic container. Pressing a lid she reveals the interior, a rouge cream that smells of strawberries and cinnamon. She soaks one of her fingers in the creams and looks at the red material.

    -Medicine. And Snack.

    She puts the finger in her mouth and tastes it with delight.
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