I don't actually eat, and Nor isn't quite that somber about things.

There's actually something I never got around to writing up that effects Nor's reactions to things. Essentially, she cycles through each of the Six Thinking Hats to get a wider range of perception when making important decisions when I'm in the right state of mind to write that kind of internal thing up.

Nor reads over the note, her face expressionless. Well, it wasn't quite without expression, as without any mental commands her facial muscles slipped into a slight frown. Still, there wasn't any need for a facial expression without anyone to perceive it, so it really didn't matter. Closing her eyes to the world - or was she opening them to reality? - Nor summons a surge of light, heralding the arrival of the six distorted versions of herself she used to examine the world.

At some point, Nor had heard that some beings with powers in some ways similar to herself (perhaps these were other true creatures? Maybe she wasn't the only one in the strange quasi-reality that was everywhere...) had exaggerated a single aspect of themselves and solidified it as some sort of mobile crystal. Rather than doing this, Nor chose to cultivate her different methods of thought, separate them from one another and use them as a sort of council. At the very least, it was an enjoyable exercise and seeing the result always improved her mood.

Truth, Nor's thought created a ripple in the reality of her mind. Just as her thoughts created ripples in the other world, on the other side of the lids which hid it from her sight. Or were her eyes open now? Was the other place a mental construction? Perhaps she was still in the cave complex after all. No matter.

Our funds have been declining recently. At the current rate, we will not have enough currency to continue upkeep for an extended time while still having funds available for expenses of type A, the waves of thought Truth created were unique, just like all of the six aspects.

Reaction, a second shift in the world of Nor's perception. Sound wasn't present here. It wasn't necessary, she could communicate with the sub-minds via thought. That was all they were, after all. Thoughts. All contained within the shell of flesh now in an alley.

This is a good opportunity. We need gold and the jungle is interesting. We want to see just how far the world will stretch before it breaks, Reaction's reply was always a wave of color.

Potential Negative, Nor's command roused the normally slow to react sub-mind.

Oblivion. Loss of external manifestations via the actions of other dream-entities, Potential Negative's thoughts tended to be short. They didn't need to be longer.

Potential Positive, the 'opposite twin' of P. Negative. Always called up second.

The possible gain of a great amount of external manipulation capability in the form of currency. Maybe even a deeper understanding of the workings of the outer reality, P. Positive tended to add more detail than P. Negative. Odd quirks like this were part of the enjoyment of making sub-minds.

Potential Consequence, Nor ordered.

More expeditions! More work in the city? Maybe strange creatures in the jungle? Perhaps... as usual, P. Consequence's response trailed off into a partially real murmur of possibilities.

Metacognition, Nor called through her mind, instantly bringing the sub-thought interaction of the sub-minds to a halt. Meta was a dangerous being. Of all the sub-minds it was by far the most developed and, due to the odd workings of Nor's inner reality, could potentially grow into a rebellious creature intent on gaining control of all of the inner world. It was this potential that made Meta interesting. Similar, in part, to some of the other personality shards Nor had amplified in the past few months. Every possible situation was covered by now.

So many sub-minds clamber to appraise the situation, yet your decision if only influenced by a few. Of all of the fractures you have made, many beings connect across them and send to me this truth: end consensus is in favor. Personally, I'm looking forward to it. I want to feel this world come alive with power again. I've been enjoying the memories of the Crimson Thunder, Meta materialized, unlike any other sub-mind, without any specific order to. It was an androgynous version of her body, composed of brightly burning blue power. The casual reference to its ability to relive the past via other sub-minds was a calculated move, intended to remind the other assembled beings of its far greater power within their reality.

So the decision had been made.

Opening the eyes of her body. Nor turned towards the street. A man completed the step he had begun at the beginning of the process of decision making - a reminder than this reality moved so much more slowly than her inner one. Thinking about how easily influenced the world around her was, Nor stepped up onto the wall of the building to one side of her, walking up the twenty feet until she came up onto the rooftop. It was strange, how a mere twenty feet up there was something that almost seemed like another world. The streets appeared to be further away than they were, the noises of city life carrying far over the walls and into the sky, easily heard from such a high vantage point.

Choosing a location she remembered to be the place where similar expeditions had gathered, Nor began the trip across the top of the city.

Yeah, I'm just going to go to any meeting place mentioned on the note or a place that seems like it would be a likely one for people to prepare something like this.