Thorus was to get his wish soon, or hopefully soon. The caravan rumbled slowly forwards as their group picked its way slowly around the hills, their horses carefully avoiding rocks and divots as they made their way forwards. So far, no attack had been forthcoming. They could see their wagons through a gap between the hills. Tallhelm's wagon had already passed the broken one, when one of the guards riding along on horseback gave a shout. It sounded like Dayne.

Rounding the last hill, the small group of infiltrators got a good view on what had caused the young man such alarm. Rising out from the grass at the top of the hill where they'd seen the flash were bandits, and lots of them. The boy's estimate hadn't been far off, if this was the reception they were getting. There were certainly more bandits than there were nearby guards; not knowing which part of the wagon train would get hit, Tallhelm had chosen to put two guards per wagon, plus a handful of outriders on spare horses. The bandits, on the other hand, had clustered together on the hill. Thorus saw shortbows and short swords, for the most part, though a few of them carried longbows. Behind the main group were three riding horses, including one with armour that looked better made than the rest. His sword was better made too, a long cavalry sabre that he had probably stolen hanging from his belt, complemented by a bow in his other hand.

It looked like it would be a tough fight, but they had one advantage. The bandits, their attention focused on the caravan, hadn't seen them yet.

And battle is joined! You lot get one round of actions as a surprise round, since the bandits are apparently as ignorant of your tactics as they are bad at hiding.