-Little man needs no knife. Knife not useful. Knife not part of little man.

She opens her pouch again taking an old piece of parchment it has several drawings on it. Most of them seem plants and flowers. There are some notes in Elvish but her writing is so thin that it is almost impossible to read. She signals one of the flowers, it looks like a lily with some tints of yellowish pigment on it.

-Yellow flowers dangerous for the mind but necessary.

She then goes for her neck and shows the Goliath a tiny amulet it seems to be made of bone and inscribed with elvish runes.

-Dragon bone good for the soul.

And then she taps at the Goliath like she is tapping just a child.

-Big beasts blood good for the body. Can little man hunt?

As you are to start on your quest you hear a mumbling sound at your back. A small man, corked like a crone walks toward you amazingly fast for his oldness. You instantly recognize him, he is Talky, one of the worst examples of a jungle survivor. Most of his lower jaw is gone, replaced with claw scars but that it is not the most scary part, he also lost his sanity.

He is dressed in drags and carries a big branch using it as a walking stick and his crazy eyes are fixed upon you. Once he reaches you he boos you.


The dwarf scratches his head and looks over the window like he is a bit troubled to answer that question.

-Well... I know he is serious, he tried to get me on the jungle. But human gold is not enough to get me surrounded by trees. And I have a contract to protect the city. But he ain't probably taking anyone stepping through his door.

Then sighs and looks at Madoc once again.

-He hasn't shown the map to anyone, can't blame him for that. If I had an old map to a forgotten treasure I won't be showing it around more than necessary, don't want to give ideas.