Nor shifts reality with a thought, curving her lips into a slight smile as the man approached her. Had he been looking at a different angle, he might have seen her walk down the wall of one of the smaller buildings. Well, maybe it was better this way. Sometimes the ease with which she modified the outer reality seemed to cause negative reactions in its residents. Perhaps they feared that she would use her control of their world against them.

"I'm here because I heard of an expedition and was interested in taking part," Nor says, using her body to change the sounds of the outer reality rather than doing so directly with her mind. It wasn't especially difficult, but it felt like she was only indirectly working the world. When compared to the ways Nor could force reality to change immediately it was a roundabout method of getting the job done. It took far less mental effort, however. Perhaps it was because her mind had a stronger connection to her body than it did to the rest of reality. "Is this the right place for me to be?" Nor asks, shifting her body to one side as she looks up at the sharp-nosed man.