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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdEmperor View Post
    Heading for the Mountains

    As Finbar's paying for this expedition, he's the one running the show. If he wants to stop and take a few pictures the triplets won't stop him. Considering all the trouble this causes, perhaps they should have.

    As the demon gorilla hurtles out of the earth towards Finbar, First throws himself forward as well, trying to grab their employer and pull him out of the way before the photographer is stomped to jelly, render in twain or otherwise murdered. Perhaps a suprising action on the part of a mercenary who's already been paid and thus has no reason to further endanger his life, but the triplets are nothing if not loyal.

    His brothers pause only to draw blades before rushing in, the beast's proximity to no less than two allies ruling out ranged attack. One aims a slash at the beast's legs with his sickle, Alpha lunging in an instant later to try and tackle the Fyarl Demon of it's feet entirely.
    [Heading for the Mountains]

    The act of First grabbing him is probably a little more shocking to Finbar than the fact that a large demon-creature just popped out of the ground. Given the alternative, however, he'd rather a moment of discomfort to a giant monster crushing him.

    As First drags the wincing Finbar out of the way, the Fyarl crashes onto the ground on all fours and roars something in Abyssal. As One closes in, the Fyarl will fire a stream of mucus at him. If he's not quick enough, it'll dry and harden upon contact. It's a defense mechanism meant to immobilize victims before consumption. Regardless of how the situation with One turns out, the demon will not be able to recover from the mucus expulsion fast enough to effectively counterattack Alpha. Fortunately, the creature is very stout and it may be difficult for Alpha to actually tackle. It is not an impossible task, but it will surely be quite difficult.
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