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Acacia slowly gets to her feet, taking the glaive that's been strapped to her back all this time (and which left some really nasty bruises along her spine from the smash and fall) and moves to circle the combatants and get behind the Razorback. She's too badly wounded to move fast though, so she wont get there this round.
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Furball's grip should be strong enough to let him keep a grip on the creature before he tries to dig the claws of his thumbs into the eyes, if he could blind it, maybe it'd give him time to get Acacia and get away...
Furball's claws pierce the boar-beast's small eyes and it shrieks in pain, redoubling its efforts to get away as it's blinded. It's probably not concerned with survival at this point; it just wants to lash out at the things hurting it.