The man looks at you and turns back before saying a word.

-Follow me.

He starts walking towards the mansion and opens the door to reveal a long corridor. It is decorated with luxury. A soft red carpet covers the floor and the walls are full of paintings, not portraits like many nobles use to fancy but landscapes, everyone of them is signed by Maron and has a date. There are also several chandeliers that hold candles yet to be lit, even if they seem old and they certainly see use there is no stain of wax at any point. The roof is decorated with a sky scenery pale blues and soft whites represent the firmament and clouds.

He leads the way to another door, a simple oak door with a golden handler, that opens to a big circular room. The room is decorated with the same taste that the corridor, having a thick and rich carpet over the wooden floor and some other paintings on the walls. There are several bookshelves that look cramped with books and mementos. Many are marked with letters or numbers, or a combination of both, but any organization seems to escape you at the moment. A double door awaits at the end of the room and some sound comes muffled from it.

There are four people in the room, a big muscled man who wears nothing but a kilt that waits sitting on a chair while caressing his blonde beard. A young woman who is dressed in robes and walks from bookshelf to bookshelf. A gnome sitting on his own backpack, that is probably bigger than himself, and reading a book. And an old knight donned in full armor waiting by the double door with his eyes closed, probably sleeping.

-Wait here until you are summoned. -Says the long nosed man.

Talky seems angry and throws your coin to the ground before trying to spite and failing due to his condition. It is then than a gnome also dressed in drags an wearing a suspicious eye patch over his left eye comes to the old man and grabs him. Talky is clearly disgusted by the interference and raises his stick trying to reach you, but since the gnome keeps him pinned he resigns to wave it at the air furiously.

The gnome whispers something on the man ear but to no avail, he looks at you clearly concerned while Talky mumbles something intelligible at him. After a moment the gnome opens his mouth.

-Aint'cha Flamebrand lad? 'hoy cha, ma boy, Ol' Talky means a wor'. Don't cha go to the dragon, donno kil' it. Bad karma, bad, donno kil' da Gods.