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    Default Re: Explorers of Acacia - OOC thread, the Second

    I'll be quite honest; there is a part of me that wants to accuse you of fudging the dice there.

    I find a natural 1 there funny, so it doesn't really matter to me in any case. The following, however, does:

    For the sake of my next post, and I'm not sure if you've already gone over this or not; were the people from the vision the same invididuals that were going to fight us before Cruorin and his Mage escaped earlier today? I thought so, since I planted the coin on one of them, but it could be an entirely different person or group for all I know (admitedly remember).

    Also, Halaza is being made to follow us still. What about Digan and the captive? And for that matter, what about that mirror image?

    And finally, to Razorback and Demidos; should I attempt a rushed Diplomacy check to talk? Or should we each go ahead and attack, kicking the door down/moving it and doing what we do best to whoever is inside (obviously non-lethally, of course)?
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