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If Fenghar landed a hit on Fade's skin then he's in serious trouble. Fenghar isn't allowed to touch anyone because who ever he touches is immediately affected by a disease which numbs that area of the body which he hits and the person will eventually no longer be able to use that part of his body and he hit the most dangerous place. The head.

Aladar is hit on the shoulder but easily pulls out the weapon, still holding it in his hand. The damage dealt isn't vital because Fade didn't hit a vital area but also because Fade's abilities allow the damage dealt to be reduced (which explains why Fenghar didn't die from the clap attack).
Aladar attempts to pull the weapon close to him but past the side of his body which would, if successful, pull Fade forward as well. After that, Aladar would attempt to grab Fade by the neck and slam him into the ground.

Fenghar runs over, jumping next to the pile of defeated rats as shadow Fade creates his fire breath attack. When it's fired it manages to deal alot of damage to Fenghar. Fortunately he manages to use the rats to cover the majority of his skin so it doesn't do any damage to it but the heat produced and the rats insulating the heat causes Fenghar to try and evade the fire breath as much as possible. He jumps on a tree and looks around, noticing the burning rats on his skin then throws them off, aiming them at Fade.

The burns will do damage to his hands but he doesn't focus on that.
That is how Fade looks.

((I take your effect since I never gave a propper description, but it won't be so seriouse.))

As the hit goes Fades had hang for a moment his eyes close, but his body still working. As the blade hit's Aladar his real strength shows off. The black part of it starts sucking on his soule while the white part seems to reach for Fade. As the healing beginn and shows of in the most hurt place (the head) Fade's eyes open again and he get's controll back.

Aladar has a problem now. His attemp to pull out the blade fails since it isn't that easy. As Fade awake again, noticed Aladar grabing the blade ha made a short cast and now a slight green aura surrounds his body. As the rat comes he strugles a bit giving Aladar a chance. What he is doing is up to him.

Shadow Fade seems to dissapear again returning to his master, but why? Aren't they stronger fighting 1v1 then Fade v2? maybe a bad plan or just exhaustion?