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    Quote Originally Posted by Zefir View Post
    That is how Fade looks.

    ((I take your effect since I never gave a propper description, but it won't be so seriouse.))

    As the hit goes Fades had hang for a moment his eyes close, but his body still working. As the blade hit's Aladar his real strength shows off. The black part of it starts sucking on his soule while the white part seems to reach for Fade. As the healing beginn and shows of in the most hurt place (the head) Fade's eyes open again and he get's controll back.

    Aladar has a problem now. His attemp to pull out the blade fails since it isn't that easy. As Fade awake again, noticed Aladar grabing the blade ha made a short cast and now a slight green aura surrounds his body. As the rat comes he strugles a bit giving Aladar a chance. What he is doing is up to him.

    Shadow Fade seems to dissapear again returning to his master, but why? Aren't they stronger fighting 1v1 then Fade v2? maybe a bad plan or just exhaustion?
    Fenghar didn't like what was going on one bit. He immediately sprints to where Aladar and Fade are, glaring deep into his brother's soul whilst Aladar still trys to pull out the weapon from his shoulder. Aladar begins to glow bright red and attempts to reach forth and grab Fade wherever he can. If he successfully does so the disease will take place in that area and if that's successful he'll try reaching for other places in order for the disease to spread. Whilst the attempts to touch Fade his mouth remains wide open, producing vast amounts of rats which go forth and attempt to nibble Fade away once more.
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