As soon as the vine is cut from the ground, Trisha drops her knife and scoops up her zweihander with one hand as she lunges forward. The blade comes in low as she swings, aiming for the base of the flower. The sword itself is razorsharp and quite light in Trisha's hands as she swings it with her more-than-human strength. Even so, it's merely a one handed attack with a blade that's over 4ft long, so it won't be as effective as it would normally be.

Icy Glacier

What's sheer willpower and perseverence catch the Disco Elemental well off guard, so when the bayonet gets hammered through his head, it's all he can do to reach up and touch the pommel of the blade as hundreds of little cracks appear in his disco dome. Right in front of What, the elemental's eyes roll back and he falls, collapsing into hundreds of pieces of mirror when he hits the ground, defeated.


Once the creature is blinded, Furball steps back just slightly to give Acacia her shot at killing the beast. He pants heavily, having a bit of trouble breathing, and sets a paw over the wound in his stomach, trying to keep it from bleeding too much to worry his mate until the fight is over.