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    My pride and joy
    Vancian to Psionics, my attempt to convert the whole of core 3.5 vancian spellcasting over to psionic mechanics. Spells were converted individually to fit the psionic system, along with the base and prestige classes, and most other things that pertain to spells and spellcasting.

    Base Classes
    The Fighter Incarnate, a Fighter replacement originally inspired by Incarnum mechanics, intended to decrease magic item reliance and enable some crazier stunts.
    The Martial Dilettante, a Factotum variant to make it a more mundane (ToB) class.
    The Tashalatoran Monk, a Monk replacement based on the Psychic Warrior focused on easy 3.5 integration.
    The Tinkerer, a silly class using anachronistic gadgets. Uses Incarnum mechanics.

    Prestige Classes
    The War Mind, an overhaul of the XPH class, introducing ToB elements.
    The Enrathian Sky Knight, a ToB class that makes you a hippogriff rider.

    Baleful Resurrection. Brings people back... but wrong.
    Lesser True Seeing. Shows you all things as they really are, which happens to drive you crazy.

    Poisons for Advanced Scoundrels, a poison overhaul that takes out the two-save paradigm and replaces it with individual poison statblocks.
    Diablo 2 monster templates, a way to very quickly make a monster into a boss monster and give it a "theme".
    Gold. A (kind of crazy) fluff explanation with a minor crunch attachment.
    A Speak Language revision for games where language barriers are supposed to be significant.
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