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No, I think he's asking everyone to claim Garbage Collector, Lookout, or Matcher. Since everyone has one of those.
My gut tells me this falls under the mass gathering category of game-breaking strategies, as nice as it would be to do. However, if RBS is willing to explicitly allow it I will play along.

There was great power here, he could feel it in his bones. It just might be enough to break this curse upon him, to free him at last from his flight. He began to move into the town, noting as he did a servant assisting some nobleman. The Count looked quite wealthy.

Wealth was good. Wealth meant swift travel and solid food. It meant bribing guards to let you stay in the inn they protected without turning over your weapons. A portion of this man's wealth would be his.

He followed the Count back to his place of dwelling and began to scope it out. When he had determined all he could of the exterior, he hid his arms and composed a disguise.

A monk, tired and worn by his travels, with a sinister hunger in his eyes, stood by the door and rang the bell. DingDong, the door swung open and the eyes became thankful. It took only a short conversation before this man was admitted into the estate to wait in the hall, eyes flitting quickly over the space, taking in every detail.