Rosapia grins, and suddenly favors the man with an elaborate bow. "Really, I was curious about where I might get some of that fabric for myself. I won't take up any more of your time. Thank you, and safe travels."

Privately, she checks quickly for the presence of evil in the man's immediate area before turning away. It won't be of any use to her to know if he's evil, really, but it doesn't hurt to have more information in case she runs across him again. She probably can't delay him longer now that he's said he needs to go, and since she approached him directly, physically following him is a bad idea. Well, it seemed good at the time. If she has a day off soon she might try a divination, but her words to the bird were nondescript enough to be attributable to any number of organizations . . . weren't they?

Bluff (1d20+7)[14](21) to not be noticed checking him out. The bow is an attempt to buy a few more seconds to concentrate.