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Yolvich grunted in effort, bringing up his shield to block the wind. Taking advantage of the momentary distraction, he made for shelter behind a rock. He retrieved his crossbow, safe from sight and loaded another harpoon on it. Making sure the mechanism was loaded, he took to aiming, waiting for the winds to die down.
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[Stormy Peak]

Damon lets out an amused hiss at the beastie's reaction to the fire.


He halts and backs off, staying clear off the dragon as it blasts the fire with gusts of wind. Don't want to get caught up in that. Another ball of black fire forms in his hand, but he holds off on throwing it yet. His foe clearly dislikes fire, but at the same time blasting wind about like that means it can easily deflect his shots if it sees them coming...

So for now Damon decides to try and divert its attention. Black fire starts to spread out around him, creating an area of darkness around him that spreads along with it. If fire is such a threat, maybe the dragon will seek to deal with this before it spreads too far...and that might give Damon another opening...

And we're back, from wherever it is we were, to the Stormy duel-battle-skirmish.

Damon is getting clever and Yolvich is getting snipey.
The dragon is getting completely and utterly ticked.

As the last vestige of flame is removed from its scales, it snaps its head in the direction of Damon with nothing but contempt and hatred visibly glowing through its eyes.
He was right about it seeking to stamp out the new flames as they appeared.

Everyone was wrong about the winds dying down after the first fireball was thrown.

In what is possibly a record case of tactic whiplash, the dragon has gone from vaguely playing to becoming completely seeing-red enraged.
Yolvich is forgotten briefly (which is probably useful, if he's pulling crossbow shenanigans) and the wyrm screams into the sky, inciting more thunder and lightning to erupt from the surrounding storm.

Then it proceeds to charge straight towards Damon, a frenzied twister of air surrounding its form as it goes.
Has the fellow ever wondered what it's like to be charged by a tornado full of teeth and claws? He's about to find out.