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    Quote Originally Posted by Zefir View Post
    (Edge of the Hunting Grounds)

    With the rat Fade's strength on the blade has passed, but when Aladar begins to glow Fade makes his return dragging on his sword as well. If he still grabs the blade Aladar should notice something. The blade still drags energy from him and gives it to Fade. The wounds the rat caused earlier start to heal. He still tries to keep the blade between him and Aladar steping backwards to prevent Aladar from coming closer. He can't do much against the rats and uses his free arm to push them away while Fade beginns to glow blue.
    Fenghar immediately stops focusing on Aladar which in turn stops him from glowing red.
    Feghar would you say...quite "cross," right now. He doesn't mind being annoyed and taunted but once you harm his brother all hell breaks loose.
    Fenghar arrives behind Fade and attempts to snap his neck, ending him. If that doesn't work then he'd deal damage, attempting to pierce through the flesh of Fade. If that works then the disease would spread over a wide area of his body.

    (Seeing as Fade is distracted by the rats and is still holding his weapon it'll be hard for him to defend himself from Fenghar's attack)

    The rats attempt to continue nibbling but if you focus on them you'll see that they're also trying to make their way up Fade's body.
    After Fenghar's attempt to deal damage to Fade Aladar will disperse into dozens of flowers and travels his way up into the sky, emitting the poisonous pollen once more over a wide radius just to make it a little harder for Fade.
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