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    No, you're allowed to info-dump your sub roles, although do remember that matcher doesn't reveal traits, and the only other one which doesn't only effect the dead is lookout, and even if three lookouts targeted the same target, chances are that they will only have two traits.

    The Question is, do you want to, because you could effectively be outing all the useful roles to the wolves, who would just kill them off... and you'd never know that you were.

    And that isn't all, there are only 11 people which have good reason to give correct results, in thread, all five of the wolves will have no problem giving incorrect information, the 3 neutrals have no reason to not give incorrect information, and the mysterious really doesn't want to give information, so you may want to think this through a bit before doing it.

    EDIT: Oh, and another thing, even if someone has got a total of 4 traits out of him from different results, it doesn't necessarily mean someone out of them is lying, the mysterious gets a trait disguise don't forget.
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