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    Quote Originally Posted by LOTRfan View Post
    [Heading for the Mountains]

    The act of First grabbing him is probably a little more shocking to Finbar than the fact that a large demon-creature just popped out of the ground. Given the alternative, however, he'd rather a moment of discomfort to a giant monster crushing him.
    "Find somewhere to hide. Watch out for any more of these things." Spitting out sand, First pauses only to bark the preceding orders to Finbar before picking himself off the ground, drawing his longsword and heading to support his brothers.

    Rushing in from the Fyarl Demon's flank, he goes for the very same attack One was prevented from completing, bringing the blue-ice blade 'round in a close circle to try and hamstring the beast. As mentioned not more than two posts above the longsword he wields is magic, but that magic is mostly suppressed by proximity to his brothers.

    As First drags the wincing Finbar out of the way, the Fyarl crashes onto the ground on all fours and roars something in Abyssal. As One closes in, the Fyarl will fire a stream of mucus at him. If he's not quick enough, it'll dry and harden upon contact. It's a defense mechanism meant to immobilize victims before consumption.
    Oh, ick.

    Well, One certainly wasn't expecting that and his reaction time suffers accordingly, the mucus splashing over his shoulder even as he scrambles back to avoid being immobilized entirely.

    The goop hardens fast, forcing him to quickly swap the sickle between hands before his fingers freeze around it, slashing angrily at the solidifying mucus. Not a very effective method of removal, but the blade cuts deep and draws blood in the process, activating it's enchantment.

    Regardless of how the situation with One turns out, the demon will not be able to recover from the mucus expulsion fast enough to effectively counterattack Alpha. Fortunately, the creature is very stout and it may be difficult for Alpha to actually tackle. It is not an impossible task, but it will surely be quite difficult.
    At six feet three and with a physique that can only be described as Olympian, Alpha ain't exactly a pushover himself. Simply ramming the Fyral off it's feet might be out of the question, but what with the exoskeletal armor and all the demon should have plenty of weight to be used against it.

    While he's up close, Alpha tries to hook his leg around the demon's and pull, while at the same time shoving forward with all his might. Thanks to their mental link, Alpha and First are moving in synchrony, so that the latter's attempt to cripple the creature's other leg should aid in Alpha's attempts to topple the demon.
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