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The size of a small car? Crap, Adir is outmatched. He leaps for cover, dodging the boulder but one of the falling stones catches his leg. The stag shouts in pain, trying to prop himself up on his arms. He looks up toward Tovpir's last known location, drawing his gun.
[Mountain Path]

The place is now a dust cloud when Adir looks up. Tovpir went diging himself down again. At the moment he saw the dton ehitting him he saw an opportunity to win. So he digs down and tries to come out of the wall where Adir climbs. trying to crush his chest with his claws while his tail is ready to defend tovpir incase Adir has another sevcret weapon.

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Fenghar immediately stops focusing on Aladar which in turn stops him from glowing red.
Feghar is...how would you say...quite "cross," right now. He doesn't mind being annoyed and taunted but once you harm his brother all hell breaks loose.
Fenghar arrives behind Fade and attempts to snap his neck, ending him. If that doesn't work then he'd deal damage, attempting to pierce through the flesh of Fade. If that works then the disease would spread over a wide area of his body.

(Seeing as Fade is distracted by the rats and is still holding his weapon it'll be hard for him to defend himself from Fenghar's attack)

The rats attempt to continue nibbling but if you focus on them you'll see that they're also trying to make their way up Fade's body.
After Fenghar's attempt to deal damage to Fade Aladar will disperse into dozens of flowers and travels his way up into the sky, emitting the poisonous pollen once more over a wide radius just to make it a little harder for Fade.
((You should keep actions in one turn. Well speaking of DND terms you go 2 terms in this post. Just an advice. I know it's hard, but some actions may not work due to the enemy.^^))

Fenghar is able to hit the neck, but it doesn't seem like it killed him. In the same moment the blue gloom seem to dissapear and even Aladar could notice that he loose his grip on the blade. as the disease should take place...it doesn't. It appears like this Fade isn't affected by disease. Well bad illusions, but it worked. Because right in the moment Fenghar hits it the real Fade appears to his left swinging his sword right at Fenghar in an attemp to dissipate him.

Well for clearing. As Fade fought Aladar his shadow came back. Fade backing away. His shadow cast an illusion around him real enougth so the rats don't brak it, but also covering Fade's real movement. since his shadow is on ground he sees Fenghar and Fade makes his move to the side.

If Fade hit's of miss he will after it fall down into his shadow. ((Assuming the clod from befor showed it's effec in the plants around))