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Thread: Simple Q&A D&D 3.5 (by RAW) XXI

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    Can a character purchase feats whose Ability score prerequisites he only meets because of an item's enhancement bonus, with the understanding that if he loses the item he will lose the benefit of the feat? For example, you have 11 DEX, a +2 Gloves of Dexterity, and have just leveled up; can you take Dodge now and have it work as long as you wear the Gloves, or must you wait eight levels to get two permanent +1s to Dexterity?

    When you cast a spell from a scroll (or manifest a power from a power stone), do you use your own key ability to determine the save DC, or is it based on the key ability of the caster who created the scroll (or manifester who created the stone)? Say that Psusie the novice psion, with an Intelligence of 12, is casting an Energy Stun from a ridiculously powerful Power Stone; its manifester level is set at 15, so it deals 13 dice of damage and its save DC is +6, but would the original save DC be based on the probably absurd Intelligence modifier of the level 15 psion who made the stone, or will that +6 be added to Psusie's level 2 save DC of 13?

    The spell Ice Darts from Frostburn doesn't appear to restrict the number of targets or their positions in any way past the number of darts available to fire. Is there a restriction I'm missing, or is it completely legal for a Wizard 9 to fire four ice darts, each in a different compass direction, to hit four separate targets? (And on a less related note, why the dickens is it a Bard spell? Since when do Bards get magic blasts?)

    Does a Sorcerer have the same caster level for every spell as a wizard, even though he learned the spell later? So a sorc who only gained Ice Darts at 4th level adds a second dart at 5th, while the Wizard had to wait two levels to do so?
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