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Thread: Simple Q&A D&D 3.5 (by RAW) XXI

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    RAW appears to be yes, and most DMs go with this, but if you are a player check with your DM as some will say no. Note, if you can get an inherent bonus (from books that increase stats or wish spells) then that is a definite yes.

    For a scroll use the minimum stat necessary to cast the spell - so 11 for 1st level, 12 for 2nd etc. The rules say how to write scrolls with higher caster levels but not casting stats (afaik) so that makes scrolls poor for offensive spells with a save.
    I don't know psionics well enough to answer, but if they are the equivalent of scrolls then the answer will be the same.
    In general all the spells produced from items use the minimum stat required to cast the spell, the exception being staves where you use your own stats.

    Yes, caster level is caster level - compare this with Cure Moderate Wounds which is a third level spell for a druid so gained at 5th level (and for paladin as half caster levels don't count) but a 2nd level spell for a cleric gained at 3rd level (or 4th for a Favored Soul).
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