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Does a Sorcerer have the same caster level for every spell as a wizard, even though he learned the spell later? So a sorc who only gained Ice Darts at 4th level adds a second dart at 5th, while the Wizard had to wait two levels to do so?
Yes, caster level is calculated the same for both classes.


If I am a Gargantuan creature that emits an Antimagic Field with a radius of 20ft, does the field emanate 20ft from an intersection in my space or does it emanate 20ft from the edge of my space in all directions?


Take this scenario:

I am in a room with an Antimagic Field trap set to trigger when someone casts a spell or uses an SLA or (Su) ability. I create an Antimagic Field of my own as a (Su) free action. Does my Antimagic Field stop the trap from going off?

What if I have Foresight active?