...Ina kug ba-bar-ra sab tumu mul nam-tar
Ina ges’u’ges da usu da ussa ana’am kig
Ina dirig ki’kukku gu ana’am kar su ti nig’u’rum.

-Fragment of the prophecy of Ul Tel'Menadian, Seer of the Third Court, in the ancient tongue.

A Brief History of Arvinon

The current year is 1242 of the Fifth Age.
The Fifth Age began at the end of the War From Beyond and the defeat of Those From Beyond. The victory tore the land apart, with the Izvis peninsula sinking in part and creating what are now the Pryayatsu Empire and the Straits of Afin’Dor. The nation of Afin’Dor, who’s rulers brought about the war, ceased to be while leaving island littering the Straits with ruins from their former glory.
Most of the times greatest heroes and villains of the time died in the war along with the northern god Falthur Deedkeeper. This included almost all the users of magic be it those who wielded the very fabric of reality, unlocked the powers of the mind, were friends of nature or followed the will of the Gods. The greatest exception was the Tower of Knowledge in the city-state of Arithanos, which became the greatest concentration of magic users of those who survived the war.
Most of the current kingdoms, especially in the west, were created after The War From Beyond by those left in power or those who seized it. The notable exceptions are the dwarf lands of the Granite Kingdom and the elf lands of Gaermound-i-Alkarinqa'ara, although the former lost a substantial portion of its lands as the world sought to heal itself following the War From Beyond.