Karven only


<How in Hades did I end up here?> Karven thought to himself. A caravan guard.
Working for Teven Lei wasn’t so bad but he wished that the human was a bit more cautious on the paths he chose. They had left Arkas weeks ago, sometimes skirting and sometimes entering the Prang’s Folly, the wastes controlled by Huul Ale’ereos. It was dangerous but it had saved them weeks of travel. Too bad it didn’t save Deng, one of the other guards, who had been carried away by the strange creature one of the other guards called a ‘Dunewinder’, a strange, worm like creature. Arkas was good while they were there. There were plenty of other Halflings to meet, even if they might give him strange looks.
He had made friends amongst some of the guards, too. Maispar, of the race known as Raptoreans, was an odd character. He could be cheery at times… but dark and menacing at others. But, occasionally, when they could find cliffs or other high points, he could be coaxed into flying Karven about, even if he only called it gliding.
And then there was the flame haired man named Oloek. A bit of a grouch, who spent his nights drinking, he felt some kind of camaraderie with the man. He knew what it was to be an outsider amongst your own people. Although, the past couple of days had been rough for him since he ran out of the hooch. Karven had seen him sitting on one wagon’s and didn’t realize he drank so much he got the shakes.
“Caravan guard” he sighed. It could be worse, he supposed. Teven respected his power and it had been useful to drive off a couple of bandit groups. Magic was rare and strange to most. Seeing the sky light up with his power that night was enough to send them packing. Too bad most of the other guards chose to keep their distance, though.