Maispar only

Maispar walked down the street in Arkas, disappointment on his face. He had hoped to find the knowledge needed to put their spirits to rest.
“Arithanos would be your best bet. Either that or Svligi Althith… Lord Elbure or Jussi Huovinen both possess deep knowledge of things lost to others, even the long-lived elves.” The sage had told him.
As he walked out into the market square to get something to eat, he checked his coins. He knew that there was no way he had the funds to make it to either city. As he walked up to a vendor, he paid for the meat pie and thought of what to do next when he overheard the next customer, a bald and thin human male, say to a flame haired man “Yes, I’ll hire you. I need a couple of more guards, at least one more scout, and someone who can cook a decent meal. Itzel can barely make a passable stew. One we reach Salustia and then Arithanos.” Then bald man then began to haggle with the vendor over the price.
Maispar knew his ancestors were providing him is opportunity. “Sir,” he said to the bald man “not to be eavesdropping, but I could not help but overhearing that you are in search of guards and scouts. I have gifts and talents that can help on both fronts.”
From there, it was a matter of a little negotiation with the man, Teven Lei by name. He didn’t let on that he was trying to get to Arithanos or that he was short on coin, but this was an opportunity to gain both. His ancestors sought an end to their restlessness and had provided him the means to accomplish this.