Oloek only


Oloek walked with the bald, unctuous man. Teven Lei, after seeing him deal with the 3 men who thought he was cheating at dice, had asked him to work for him.
“Guards with swords I can find anywhere. But the magic you possess… yes, bandits fear those things.”
At first he didn’t want anything to do with the man. Salustia, really? The place was in the middle of the blasted desert. But, the man had seen him drinking and told him he’d throw in a keg of whatever rot gut he had been drinking… and he thought, <well, could be worse>. And it was.
Damn the heat. The thirst had caused him to consume the keg faster than he expected. Plus, Deng had owed him whatever brandy and whiskey he had after losing at dice… and the blasted idiot goes and gets himself eaten by the giant sandworm creature.
He was feeling surlier than usual. He was also hoping that cheery little Halfling would keep his distance as he sat on the wagon. And he hoped that Itzel made something other than beans, turnips, and boiled cabbage for dinner. Again. Hmmm… maybe Itzel had a stash of cooking wine he could either cajole, dice for or just straight out buy from…