The caravan, consisting of 10 wagons, marched along the desert waste.
As the sun started to sit low in the western sky, Teven looked to Maispar and Rendal, a Catfolk and the other scout, to find them a place to camp for the night.
"6 more days, tops, and we'll be in Salustia. Mark me on it" Teven said to whoever was listening. He had been saying this for three days now and the other guards had begun to mumble that Teven had lost his way in the desert. But, he promised meat for dinner that night and that had caused the grumbling to subside.

As Rendal came back saying that he had found a rocky, defensible spot a couple of miles west, the picked up the pace and made it there a half hour before sundown.

Camp was made and dinner was being cooked as you find yourself off duty, as the night watch takes it's turn.