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It was some of them. The group that was going to attack was bigger, but the group you saw is a subset of them.
Sweet. Thanks.

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Have Tarmikos do what Tarmikos would do.
Algrith will react to the situation as he deems necessary and as actions change.
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Agreed. Imaran will probably start blasting if he finds them to be the thieves like they assume. And he'll try to take them in to questioning. Maybe. If they dont struggle too much.
Heh. I thought I was the Loose Cannon, when it turns out I should have checked to see if a Lawful Bard variant exists...

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. My Dad works on Sundays, so we don't get to celebrate Father's Day today, so we had to do it yesterday. I'll have a response today, and I shouldn't be as slow as I've been, at least for a bit.

Though I should note that next month, I'm going on vacation for a week, if that matters.