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Acacia grips her glaive tightly in both hands and uses it as a stabbing weapon against the beast's side, between ribcage and pelvis. Her energy is badly sapped by now, so she's putting her weight behind this move, rather than performing the typical whirling slashing move she typically uses.

If she's successful in penetrating its hide, she'll keep going until the blade part is embedded, and then push on the staff part to cut through its insides, using the staff part as a lever to enhance the force she's using.
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Once the creature is blinded, Furball steps back just slightly to give Acacia her shot at killing the beast. He pants heavily, having a bit of trouble breathing, and sets a paw over the wound in his stomach, trying to keep it from bleeding too much to worry his mate until the fight is over.
The razorback is stabbed in the gut, and its wounds finally overcome the massive beast. It drops to its knees, then to the ground, and its breathing becomes ragged and laboured. It won't be long until it dies.

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Morty's hand passes right through the hand, touching his own shoulder. But it still remains there, super-imposed over his.
Hey, says a familiar voice, steeped in good-natured, although concerned, amusement. What are you doing down there?
Wenomir says nothing. Talking to his own hallucination would mean there's no hope for him. He gets up and turns around to see what sort of image has his fever conjured up this time.