Re: Q 281

That isn't a simple question. For instance, Divine Metamagic applies only to metamagic feats, not summoning spells, and few metamagic feats directly address summoning. Imbued Summoning would be a possibility, but because of the overhead cost of Divine Metamagic it would cost 2 turn undead attempts in addition to 2 prepared spells for every casting with Imbued Summoning, which would likely exhaust the Cleric's daily allotment quickly. For better answers to your situation, a more detailed question posed in the parent forum would probably be better.

A 282

You go underwater enough so that you can't reach the surface without a successful Swim check.

b. You make a successful Swim check.

c. You continue to hold your breath, and if you exceed 2X your Constitution score in rounds underwater you must succeed on Constitution checks or begin to drown. See the Swim skill for details.