[Forest Clearing]

As she hacked through the first vine her hacking arm get's grabbed by another by she manages to avoid the second one by quickly pulling away. She was still stuck though without being able to use her swordsarm.

But the elf had an ability which was one of the reasons she got chosen as a servant of Kuori. With her free hand she puts her hand on her other scimitar in the same motion as she pulled it away and makes a slash against the other vine. Ambidexterity was a true blessing from the god of the hunt.

Meanwhile she attempts to somehow wriggle away from the other wine which grips her right arm. But while she probably won't have much success she tries to at least get a bit closer to her in the same motion.

[On a Cliff]

As Harnel looks over the cliff he will suddenly hear the deep voice of an old man behind him. "That's a mighty sword you have there oni..."

If the half dragon turns around he will see a emaciated balding elderly man slowly approach him, supporting himself on a sturdy cane as he walks.
Besides the cane which looks like a true craftsmanship, his clothes are pretty much linen rags, his feet covered in simple bindings rather then shoes.
"Would you be willing to trade it for something?"