[On A Cliff]

Harnel turns around to look at the man. Something here wasn't as it seemed, certainly. One of the half-dragon's hands goes to the hilt of his blade.

"I doubt you have anything as valuable as the sword is, both to me and to what it's worth monetarily. And I'm not an oni - I'm a hybrid dragon human."

A good warrior will be able to tell that Harnel is in a stance to fight, but to the untrained he should seem like he's standing at ease, if a bit tensely.


Once the boar-thing is finally dead, its head will start to glow, cutting off where the throat was slit. It will change into the shape of a pair of weapons, both of which are two-handed mauls, made from the bone and tusks of the boar they slew. Each is carved with whorls and patterns personalized to the pair, and perfectly sized to be an effective weapon for Acacia and Furball, should they choose to accept. They can also take the stress of steel, rather than the bone they are made from. Despite this, the hammers are non-magical.