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    [On A Cliff]

    The man nods gently. "Then there won't be any more talk. I have to disarm you by force. I gave man her weapons long ago but I can also take them away." He says before letting go of the cane.

    Then he seems to fade away giving place for something completely inhuman.

    The being in the old man's place seems to be entirely made up of armors, weapons and other tools. It have no general humanoid features at all. It just seem to be a gigantic mass of weapons and arms. The various tools are of various quality and age, some seem to be simple spears with stone points while others are more modern swords, some that seem to carry enchantments. There are also shields, shoulder plates, helmets and even guns stuck to it along with countless other weapons not even Harnel might know the names of.

    Circling around this mass of weapons are other weapons like planets around a sun.

    "I am Katagi, Wars wage and your weapons belong to me mortal."
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