The pirate isn't as quick to react as the rest, having half-closed his eyes and begun to mutter softly to himself. He continues his whispers as he kicks his horse into a charge like the others; were it not for the thundering hooves and hectic circumstances, a keen listener might recognize it as a prayer. Unsurprisingly, Alec isn't asking for mercy or peace.

He doesn't ride all the way to the leader, but instead joins Glaffin, not so much to protect anyone else, but rather because he sees a serious problem with centering himself between the collected bandits. If he'd had his way, he would've directed the group to wait until their enemies had charged to meet the wagons, and then rushed in. Their original plan only works so long as the bandits don't just turn and finish this threat before redirecting their attention to the caravan as a whole; now Alec can only hope that the other guards will be kind enough to drop what they're doing and rush to join the battle. A more cautious (and perhaps saner) man would've hung back entirely. A more cautious man also wouldn't be looking to end many lives today in the service of a dark and terrible god.

If possible, Alec puts himself on the opposite side as Glaffin, to flank their common enemy. Either way, as he leans over the neck of his horse to lash out with his sword, forearm rotating to twist the blade, he whispers a last, short phrase to the other man.

"Darkness take your soul."


From my reading of the SRD, it looks like you don't have to attack the person directly in front of you to make a charge work, so if Glaffin goes for the bandit's back, Alec could end his charge at the front (or vice versa), leaving the south square empty. Maybe. I can definitely say that at this low of a level, the flanking bonus would be golden for both of them. There's also the matter of tasty, tasty sneak attack bonus damage.

I'm not including that bonus, though, or rolling SA. If Destro does like the idea, then hopefully his low-rolling dice will be kinder to me than they are to him. =P

The bonuses from Inspire Courage are included, since Celily acts before Alec. Along with the charge bonus, naturally.

Attack: (1d20+5)[9]

Damage: (1d6+3)[7]