Second page? TRAVESTY! I must repair this at once!

Zombies, and the tower in the sky

These towers are such problems.

We reached another town today. The compass pointed us to behind a house. No tower. We paced around the yard. It wasn't invisible. Finally, we turned the compass. The needle pointed straight up.

I hate bloody wizards.

Elle says this town has an 'air force base'. Whatever that means, she thinks we can get access to flight there. So, off we went.

On the way, we got shot. Or, our car did. An old man shot our car because the noise from the car would attract the zombies. So stupid...

And then we stood and talked. At gunpoint. It comes as no surprise that a bunch of zombies had gathered by the time we got away. We would have tried to save that old man, but...there were way too many of them. Even trying to leave, the sheer number of them wrecked our car.

We killed dozens of them, but they got the drop on us. Or rather, dropped the car on us. Outsmarted by zombies, really...that's just embarrassing...Thankfully, the only one hurt was Kaldrig.

We ran for it, and managed to find a building where a man was holed up. We got him to let us in. Barely. His name is Staff Sargent Anderson. He's a 'pilot' and he has a flying car. Plane. Oh good, a third meaning of that word. Anyway, we got him to give us a ride to the tower on his way to...well, I don't think he cares, other than needing to find somewhere not filled with zombies.

Maybe we should have mentioned the guardian before it roared at us, though it didn't cause any problem.

The guardian was a gold dragon. He agreed to let us through without incident.

The usual three puzzles. The towers that can touch the realms of the divine whether or not their ruler wants, and they all have the same 'TITHE' puzzle, descending platform with simulacrum butler...even when that should drop us right out of the tower...

Wait, so why are they tower-shaped? I mean, Elle says they weren't there before the zombies started showing what's the point of an invisible, untouchable tower that doesn't actually have an inside? I mean, if they're not usually detectable, it couldn't be to show off...unless...

No. No point. We're about to go through the challenge portal, anyway.