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Thread: A New Base Class: The Cardcaptor

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    Default A New Base Class: The Cardcaptor (Discussion Thread)

    WARNING: Please post in this thread, as there is so much that I'm posting for this, it wouldn't fit into the original post count I used (and that's saying something, since the normal limit is something like 50000 characters), forcing me to make an Organized List Thread. Thanks for understanding! Organized List Thread is HERE!

    So I've been looking all over this forum and a few others, and it seems like nobody has made a Cardcaptor Sakura class system. To solve this, I propose my own which I've been working on for a while. Please tell me what you think.

    So without further adieu, I give you, The Cardcaptor.

    NOTE: Clow is pronounced "Crow."

    Note: This is still a work in progress. I am still making the spell list for the class, the rest of the class features, the skill list, and the attribute specialization. Any help would be appreciated.

    7/10/13: Added abilities to The Shield, the Lock, the Power, the Jump.
    7/9/2013: Added New Class Features.
    7/8/2013: Reposted in new "Organized List" Thread. Added Clow abilities and Sakura Abilities for the Illusion and the Flower. Converted original thread into Discussion thread. Added Clow abilities for the Song and the Voice.
    3/27/2013: Back again. Added Stat block for The Sword. Added note about pronunciation of the word "Clow." Added Clow abilities and stat blocks to Windy, Watery, Earthy, & Firey.
    10/14/2012: I'm back baby! MAJOR UPDATE!!! Added a description for every card. Now working on Stat blocks.
    7/2/2012: MAJOR UPDATE!!! Added multiple cards info to the Card Section.
    6/20/2012: Edited Card activation under Bird Sealing Wand;
    6/18/2012: Relocated costume descriptions to 3rd post; added Tomoyo Daidōji to Character section, Sakura Kinomoto; Updated Class abilities, etc.; Added Feats section to third post; Alpha Spell List Posted
    6/17/2012: 1st post; 2nd post; 3rd post.
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