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    Q 287

    Are there RAW rules that clarify the timing of actions between an intelligent mount and intelligent rider?
    A 287
    Your mount acts on your initiative count as you direct it. You move at its speed, but the mount uses its action to move.
    An intelligent mount doesn't get any special treatment. If the rider makes successful Ride checks a mount complies. If the rider is unsuccessful in their checks to control the mount and the mount moves other than as commanded, the rider must succeed on a Stay in Saddle check or fall off. If the mount has failed to complete training via Handle Animal then the rider takes a penalty to the checks. Also if the mount is untrained then the actions available will be limited. For instance, a successful Ride check as a move action is required each round to Control Mount in Battle if the mount is untrained, and if unsuccessful the rider can take no other actions that round. See the Ride and Handle Animal skills for details.
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    (If not, feel free to suggest non-RAW alternatives to review.)
    Not in this thread.
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