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    Default Re: D&D Demotivators Episode VI: Return of the JPEG

    Quote Originally Posted by Ksheep View Post
    Going off of what you said earlier…

    Narnia: Bears pulling sled, invisible reigns, etc…
    Moria: Mystical glowing door that only appears in moonlight, giant tentacled beast that lives in a VERY small lake (and yet can still somehow survive)
    Alternate-world Svalbard (from His Dark Materials series): Armored bears, intelligent bears, "civilized" bears that can talk and craft armor out of scrap metal…
    A well. Obviously there's no doing it wrong with such things. And I notice I did not mention that I meant using pictures that do not show the world in question itself, but something different that is "just like in X".
    Quote Originally Posted by Waker View Post
    Is that a reference to something? I linked it on the tumblr site together with everything else from the thread, and it's getting massive response usually reserved to Doctor Who or Avatar references.
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