"Ok, well while Fade does his research, lets pick up this Maria chick. It sounds like she might be the one who killed Benny, although I'd be happy to give her an opportunity to deny that, or make an argument as to why we should not just treat her the same.

Anyone good at taking folks alive? I could try to make them like us, but I'm running low on juice, and that is always an uncertain prospect."


Finishing the dart game should take under a minute (24 seconds a turn, if you guys are making sure to use your highest attack mod only, full round action each toss, then a FRA to collect). Just make all the rest of your throws and we'll compare scores and pay up on the road.

Lets see if we can take Maria alive and bring her to Fade for questioning by the time Jodah gets back. After all, I think Cal used Fade's office to meet her the first time, only fitting we bring her there the next.

"You've been a naughty girl."