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    The human becomes worried even further at this information. He finally speaks, addressing his concern towards the rabbit.

    "Enya, you brought outsiders... here?!"

    The rabbit stammers, "No... I mean... yes... I mean... I suppose so. Although I don't understand how; the mirror was scheduled to be destroyed mere moments after I went through!"

    "Do you have any idea what happened the last time that outsiders came into..."

    The human stops, abruptly in mid-sentence, and his entire demeanor changes before your very eyes. His posture shifts and he no longer appears to be worried or concerned at all. He continues to speak, in quite a different tone.

    "Ahh... more guests for the party, I see! How wonderful!"

    He then heads over to the table and begins bustling about and adjusting all of the items found there. The rabbit, meanwhile, shakes his head solemnly at this. The human begins pulling chairs out before seating himself at the head of the table and clapping his hands merrily.

    "Do sit, do sit. Oh, simply marvelous! I do so love a party."

    He stops, again, with a shocked look upon his face.

    "Oh dear, how rude of me! How could I possibly have forgotten?! Introductions! I am Hatta Haigha. And the one standing over there, all grim and pale, is my cousin, Enya Tapuk!"

    He stands and bows deeply, removing his helmet as he does so... before replacing it. The white rabbit rolls his eyes and bows as well.
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